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NEW YORK, NY – (November 3, 2014):  Scott Mathis, Chairman & Founder of Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group (Algodon Group), today announces Algodon Wine Estates’ 3rd Annual Bonarda Week to be held November 10-16, 2014 at the luxury boutique hotel Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires, and at Algodon Wine Estates in San Rafael, Mendoza.  The celebration honors Argentina’s Bonarda varietal, the country's second most planted and important red grape after Malbec, with food & wine events celebrated throughout the week at Algodon’s luxury properties.

“Argentina is primarily known for its Malbec wines, while the Bonarda variety has essentially been the underdog.  What most people don’t know is that, like the Malbec, Argentine winemakers have identified and unlocked Bonarda’s high-end winemaking potential”, says Mathis.  “We believe Bonarda to be Malbec’s predecessor in that sense.  Due to Argentina's ideal growing climate, it is perhaps the only country producing high quality Bonarda varietals, and we believe it will reach the success and acclaim that the Argentina Malbec has enjoyed.  In the mouth, Bonarda has red and black fruit, as well as ripe fruits of the forest such as strawberries, blackberries, cassis and cherries.  If oak-aged, it often presents a spiced aftertaste and aromas of vanilla and tobacco.  One of the most remarkable characteristics is expressed in the smoothness of its ripe tannins combined with the fruit.  Bonarda is a satisfying and easy to drink wine that is greatly underappreciated.  We celebrate Bonarda in order to call attention to this terrific varietal, but also to emphasize Argentina's important role as a leader in world wine production and quality."

Festivities at this year’s Bonarda Week include:

Algodon Mansion, Buenos Aires
*November 13th at 7pm, Bonarda Wine Tasting with Sommelier
*November 10-15th from 6pm-12am Bonarda Happy Hour featuring Bonarda Cocktails

Algodon Wine Estates, Chez Gaston Restaurant, San Rafael
*November 13-16th, Bonarda inspired 5-course dinner at Chez Gaston, Algodon Wine Estates

For more information, contact:
Algodon Mansion, Tel: +54 (11) 3530 7777
Algodon Wine Estates, Tel: +54 26 0442 9020

About Algodon Wine Estates Bonarda
Algodon Wine Estates’ 2010 Bonarda recently ranked among the World Association of Wine & Spirit Writers’ and Journalists’ (WAWWJ®) Top 100 Wines of the World 2014.  Algodon’s Bonarda vines date back to 1946, and our Senior Wine Advisor, Marcelo Pelleriti, is the first Argentine winemaker to receive 100 points (for a Bordeaux wine) from Robert Parker.  Our goal is to produce premium wines using the best modern winemaking technology with eco-friendly, organic inspired approaches.

Although Argentina is best known for popularizing the Malbec, the Bonarda grape is Argentina’s second most widely planted varietal.  Like Malbec, the Bonarda grape also has its roots in France, and was later “perfected” by Argentine winemakers in Mendoza’s ideal climates.  Bonarda grapes need hot weather, plenty of sunshine over the cluster, low yield and adequate ripening: conditions found throughout Argentina’s prime winegrowing regions. In San Rafael’s Cuadro Benegas district, where Algodon Wine Estates is located, winemakers have discovered an additional advantage unique to its geography. The district is situated between two nourishing rivers that are fed by the purest glacial runoff from the snowcapped Andes Mountains, which has had a remarkable effect on the soil conditions in the area. It has been argued that Cuadro Benegas is the best place to cultivate grapes in the region, due to the considerable benefits delivered from its mineral-rich loam.  Click here to read a full report on Argentina’s Bonarda, written by Algodon winemaker Mauro Nosenzo.

About Algodon Wine Estates
Algodon Wine Estates is a 2,050 acre (825 hectare) resort and vineyard real estate development located in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, which was named one of the world's 4 best places to retire by CNN Money / Fortune Magazine.  The estate features a world-class winery, an 18-hole championship golf course, a championship tennis center (7 clay, 2 grass and 1 hard court), a celebrated clubhouse restaurant, and the award-winning accommodations of the Wine & Golf Lodge and the Algodon Villa. Algodon Wine Estates was named one of the world's top vineyard inns by Frommer's Travel Guide and one of the world's best wine resorts by Departures Magazine.  Now wine lovers can buy Argentina vineyard real estate at Algodon, and build a custom luxury home on a private vineyard or golf estate.  Enjoy the privilege of world-class wine production, and leave the winemaking to us.

About Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group (Algodon Group)
In building our luxury brand ALGODON®, one of prestige, distinction and elegance, we are primarily focused on the quality and reputation of our iconic wines.  Algodon Wines ultimately serve as our ambassador, as we then identify and develop vineyard operations, luxury lifestyle properties, and other global real estate assets and opportunities directly related to the growth of our business.  Capitalizing on our unique range of accessible luxury to high-end, we have a passion for seeking outstanding opportunities in spectacular settings.  As we continue to produce the ultra-fine wines for which we have become recognized, we expect that our reputation for quality will only continue to grow and accordingly increase the value of our company’s brand and real estate holdings.  Algodon’s non-leveraged, luxury assets serve as our mainstay and are currently concentrated in Argentina, which we believe represents one of the most undervalued investment sectors in the world today.

For more information, contact:
Algodon Mansion, Tel: +54 (11) 3530 7777
Algodon Wine Estates, Tel: +54 26 0442 9020

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